Boost Woocommerce Cross Sales Popup on Add to Cart


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Boost your Eshop cross sales with an upselling product popup window!

A simple plugin that once a user adds to cart a product, a popup window will appear with the defined upselling products.

The plugin will work on Single Product’s Page, it AJAXifies the add to cart button and displays in the popup window:

  • Links : View your Cart, Checkout
  • Upselling Products : these must be already defined through product editing process

Get WebD Woocommerce Cross SALE Popup here!

PRO Version – Get More Functionality With PRO Version

Show Related Products on Popup

Ability to Show Related Products on Popup if Upsells have not been set – so plugin will work out of the Box

Display on Archive pages

Show Popup on Shop, Categories and Archive Pages. Ability to show or hide

Choose what to show on Archive page

Choose what to Show in the Archive page. This is very useful in terms of if your eshop has thousands of products, setting Upsells for each product one by one is not an easy job. Thus, you can to show either Upsell or Crosell but Also RELATED that belong to same category and will be shown automatically.

Show on Mobile

Choose whether to show or hide the popup on mobile

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