Virtual Try on WordPress / Woocommerce Plugin – Virtual Showroom PRO

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Virtual Try On WordPress Plugin for Woocommerce Products and more!

Let your customers test your website’s products online-Increase your Sales Now! A WordPress product demonstration virtual try on plugin.

  • Choose Content Type.

    If left blank Woocommerce Product Type will be the default.

  • Choose Category

    Sort your Content Type by category , choose which categories to show

  • Choose Terms

    Sort your Content Type by category term, choose which terms to show

  • Choose Number Of Products

  • Product Links

    Display actual links for the product pages

  • Add to cart functionality

    When a product is selected to showroom, an add to cart link for this specific product shows up!

  • Test Multiple Products

    In the showroom the customer may display multiple images on top of each bachground simultaneously

  • Screenshot

    Allow the User to take Screenshot of the Showroom Area

Upload a Picture of your Space

Click On a Product to Select




Preview Product - Move & Resize