Virtual Try on Showroom Woocommerce Plugin – Boost your Sales!

Use this Marketing Tool and Let your customers test your website’s products online.
Help them decide what to buy and increase your sales Now!

License is provided for 1 website.

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Virtual Try On WordPress Plugin for Woocommerce Products PRO Extended version


A tool to boost your e-shop sales! Let your customers test your website’s products online – Increase your Sales Now!

A WordPress product demonstration virtual try on plugin that can be applied in business cases such as furniture, lighting fixtures, tshirt, glasses, sunglasses, eyeglasses e-stores or similar.

Boost your E-Shop Sales!

Help your Customers Decide!

Make Happy Customers with no Doubts!

How does it work?

  • User uploads an image either of its space (if ie referring to furniture, or of his/her self referring to sunglasses or clothes
  • Clicks a product image, this image is transferred in the showroom area where can be dragged around, resize, rotated, skewed, flipped,
  • Take a screenshot and decide whether he/she likes a product to buy!

Features & Benefits

Customer Interactive Guide

Included Interactive Guide on How to use the showroom will help your potential customer using the showroom area and find the products you offer that they need.

Attractive Intro Screen

Customizable Intro Screen to challenge your potential customers to use the Showroom. You can change Title, Button Text, Background Image and Description according to your Business Needs and drive action in your E-shop!

Match the Showroom to your E-shop Look

From Showroom Settings Page – BackEnd, you change the colors easily make it match to your e-shop and give it your own unique style and attract customers.

Showroom to Match your Business Needs

Selling Furniture, Sunglasses or Clothes? You can choose the right setting from the plugin settings. A furniture business would like to test simultaneously multiple items, compared to a t-shirt or sunglasses e-shop.

Add to cart made Easy!

Add to cart button is included for each product so potential customer can directly from the showroom proceeed to buying!

Test Multiple Products

Allow your potential customer test multiple products simultaneously and find the exact right combination and proceed more easily to a buy!


Allow your potential customer to take Screenshot of the Showroom Area and later on decide what he/she wants to buy!

Allow customer search for Products

Allow your potential customers to search and filter within the showroom and find exactly what they want to buy!

Choose What Product to Promote

Select what products to include in the showroom if you have thousands of products or if you need to promote something specific, based on category etc.

3D Rotation

In the case of Furniture or similar, product images can be rotated 3d to properly fit the space illustrated from the image uploaded from the customer.

Image Field for Showroom

If you already have product pictures with background & don’t want to replace them don’t worry!
An extra image field is created for your products so that you can upload a separate image with no background for exclusive use in the showroom!

Translation Ready

Plugin’s text has been translated to both greek-english and are translation ready for any other language


Product Showroom

  • Check and Click on a Product image
  • Upload an Image of your Space
  • Drag around, Resize, Flip product images to see how they fit in your space!
  • Save a printscreen of the showroom area
What to do? Click here!
Yes! You can define any Custom Post Type to be used in the Showroom - you do that in the plugin's settings page in Wordpress backend.
Having this in mind, we added the functionality of an extra image field in your selected Post Type.
Thus, preserve your beautiful selling product images and instead, edit each of your Products and you will find a Newly Added Image Field there.
Upload the image with no background (PNG) and it will be automatically used in the Showroom!
Login to your website, go to "My Woocomerce Showroom" menu link, TAB --> Showroom Intro and do any adjustment there!

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