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WordPress Content Excel Importer

Wordpress Woocommerce Content Excel Importer

Project Type: Development


CMS: Website Building with Wordpress CMS / Wordpress Eshop


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Migrating from another platform and you want to import your content Fast and Easy?Content Excel Importer!

You have numerous blog posts, you run Woocommerce and you want to add multiple products on the fly? 

Manage your WordPress – Woocommerce Eshop Fast And Easy with Content Excel Importer!

Data mapping from Excel Columns!

Simple drag and drop of excel columns with the data to import to product attributes.

The form is submitted through AJAX, so there is no page reloading.

Import Unlimited Pages, Posts, Products with Excel.

Import on the fly your content with excel file

Supported Fields

Title, Autho, Date, Slug, Description (HTML allowed), EXTRA POST FIELDS Short Description – Excerpt (HTML allowed), Categories/Tag , EXTRA PRODUCT FIELDS (Product Category, Product Tags, Weight, SKU, Regular Price, Sale Price, Stock)

Multilingual Import
The plugin is compatible with QTranslate and Polylang

Import Featured Image

This is available in PRO VERSION

Import Any Custom Post Type

This is available in PRO VERSION

Import Any Custom Taxonomy

This is available in PRO VERSION

Update Simple and Variable Products with Excel.

Importing Multiple Attributes and Variations is supported.
This is available in PRO VERSION

Import Product Categories with Excel.

Importing Multiple category terms made easy with the use of an excel file.
This is available in PRO VERSION

Delete Content with Excel.

Deleting Content or Any Category / Custom Taxonomy Terms.
This is available in PRO VERSION

Import Product Images

Import images to attach on your Products.

You can either Import from Locally and refer to the image name in your Excel or

Import images from any URL!
This is available in PRO VERSION

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