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Personalized interactive maps

with custom basemap and features (icons, sidebar, popups…) which will match your needs, according to the theme and the purpose of your website, your business activity. Get a map with no additional, unwanted, irrelevant extra contents which will distract the user from the original purpose of the map.

Artistic, creative, functional, we design the maps of your wills !

Powerful data visualization.

-Adding a map to your webpage will allow you to reduce text content by showing multiple information in one map. Don’t explain, just show!

-The user will also be able to see the data which will match his needs via a search engine (filtering function). Let your users choose what they wants to see!

-Reinforced the attractiveness of your location by highlighting the point of interests nearby.

Add information to your map via custom sidebar & popups.

Your users will interacts with the map and get additional information by clicking on the feature of his choice, via popups and sidebars. Let the user access new attractive contents (images, videos, charts, link).

Collecting, add, update, modify data

Collect data on the field using the geolocalisation system of your device.

Allow the user to be part of your project by adding, modifiying, updating information & features on the map.

A map is worth a thousand words….